Thursday, September 30, 2021

D.N.S. Poem: "Tell It"

"You abandoned me
In my time of need
(for just a minute, bitch.
Let’s tell it like it is)

I was a mess
You got stressed
To much duress
For your mind to process

Loyalty was fleeting.
Your promises? Misleading.
Lucky my heart's still beating
After this excessive bleeding.

Fuck your promises.
Fuck your lies.
Fuck your love—
It fucked my life.

For just a minute, bitch.
Let's tell it like it is."

Love. Always.
P.S. Photo of the street mural taken in Hudson, NY. You'll find it if you park near Poured Candle Bar. While you're there, stop in for a vegan cashew cheese sammy and tell them the author sent you.