What the Hell is this Nonsense?

Tragicsandwi.ch & Tragic Sandwich Productions are owned by Author and Resident Whack Job @HaleyBCU

Haley's Internet career began earlier than most kids born in the mid-eighties. While their friends were wasting their childhoods in the crisp Upstate New York air, this weird bitch found themselves perpetually attached to some form of electronic "art-box" - be it a liberated PC from the basement of IBM in Albany, or a tube television with their very own VCR. @HaleyBCU was focused on absorbing every frame of art that rotated itself into their gravitational pull, until their trajectory changed course with the death of their father in 1996. From apprecation to creation, writing has been a major part of their expression ever since.

Roll forward twenty years and the weirdo is working on a novel, because there's nothing else to do when employed at a mall so dead it's literally host to a graveyard. Even with three separate jobs in the same building, they filled three notebooks before a friend and co-worker asked what they'd been scribbling about. The answer was Ally Jean, and "Four Letter Words" was born.

Jump ahead five more years, to 2021, and the novel is a series with the first entry finally available in all it's fat-ass glory. Five-hundred-plus pages of drama for yo mama, available at Amazon.com & AllyJeanSeries.com. However, during that five years there was a lot of shit. Haley fucked up. Made some mistakes. Lost an irreplacable, dear fucking friend along the way, who we call #DearNotShakespeare over here in Tragic Sandwich Land. In the midst of it all, they rediscovered their love for the Internet of old and here we are; with an old blog made new, some fresh poems about equally fresh wounds, and musings on life, death, prolonged grief, and the like.

Haley is also vegan, annoying, kind, dramatic, crude, insufferable, loyal, rude, loving, and an all-around-pain-in-the-ass.

Get to know them. It's worth the trouble.

Love. Always.

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