Wednesday, September 14, 2022

D.N.S. Poem: "Wrong"

Fuck you,
you bitch
for leaving me
unable to trust
my own spit.

You're dog shit.
Suck a fat dick,
Before I kick your clit.
Your bullshit?
I'm over it.

No longer pissed.
This shit is bliss.
You won't be missed.
Forever this
you've been dismissed.
My ass? Please kiss.

I'm goddamn done.
It's over, hon.
You haven't "won."
'Cause you'll never come
to the conclusion
you've done a damn thing wrong.

So fucking long.
It's your swan song.
See your ass out
at the sound of the gong.
Your heart is gone.

You were fucking wrong.
12:54 AM, 09.14.2022

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